Monday, September 22, 2008

Sweet September!

This month, one year ago, I found out we were pregnant. I will never, EVER forget that day. It was September 11. I know…., I know it is a horrible day for a lot of people, considering the 9/11 tragedy. For us, it will ALWAYS be THE DAY.

The T was flying out of the country that same day. I remember he wondered a LOT about flying on that date and finally decided to book it. It turned out great because he was going, literally, to the other side of the world, 24+ hours total travel time and the flights were, as you can imagine, ALMOST EMPTY.

I woke up thinking that, finally, after having been cycling again on my own, my ovaries had decided to go on strike one more time and that would be confirming the ova.rian dx. I tested because the doctor wouldn’t give any meds to medically induce my pe.riod without discarding pregnancy. Can you imagine the crocodile tears flowing through my face as I saw 2 lines?

Yes, 2 very dark lines, right there

No squint needed

I couldn’t believe it!!!…

And I can’t believe one year has gone by already!!!… I miss my belly, a LOT!

On the nursing front, I’ve been having a hard time lately. With plugged ducts. Oh my, all was going great until about 2 weeks ago that I started to have plugged ducts and now it seems it has become a recurrent problem!!!… I get one every other day and to be honest, I am starting to get desperate. It is really uncomfortable and time consuming to be unplugging ducts so often! Please feel free to share any magic tricks or suggestions.

Thursday, September 4, 2008

Miracles DO happen...

… Yes, they do!

Today I am overwhelmed with joy and glory knowing what a great day it is for Trish, David and little munchkin Robbie!

After a long and painful battle with IF, Trish got pregnant from a clo.mid / I..U..I.. cycle back in December. The unimaginable, unthinkable happen and she got to see two beautiful pink lines in a cycle with only 4.5 million swimmers!…. Then things started to get tough as she developed Pre-Eclampsia and her extremely handsome, cute, adorable little boy was born the very last day of May.

Well, today September 4, after three long months in the NICU, Robbie is graduating from the hospital and tomorrow will sleep in his new home with St. Louis' proudest parents, on the very same day he was initially supposed to born, - his due date!

I am in tears, looking at the pictures Trish posted. It is like I am “living” again May 5th of this year, when our little princess came home.

Trish, I am extremely happy for all three of you…. And I guess, I don’t need to say it but be prepared because your story is just beginning, and the very best is yet to come as every day goes by!