Thursday, May 28, 2009

Day 25 monitoring

One more monitoring appointment left behind...

....With the B..C..P.. we were trying to give my ovaries a little break, but they didn't take a little vacation, they are taking a sabatic year!

Things were the same, and we had a good laugh as I was joking, making fun of myself and my lazy ovaries.

So, on to plan B, I am starting today hoping for a miracle.

I believe in miracles, actually I have one at home waiting for me, and sometimes I think I am being greedy wanting more, but then at the same time I know there is no other way to know what is in store for us than trying.

It is a try an error kind of thing!

And while trying I trust....

.... I trust that whatever final outcome we get will be the best for us, and now we are just going one step at a time, trying to find out which door will finally open.

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Day 18 monitoring

I went for one more monitoring appointment today.

As I suspected, things are pretty much the same as the previous two weeks, no ovarian activity at all and therefore a very thin lining.

At this point, there is really not much hope left. My doctor decided to give it one last chance for an extra week, so I am supposed to go back next Thursday again. We both agree it is very likely that things will look exactly the same.

So, considering I am once again showing a very clear pattern of ova.rian fai.lure, there are really not too many options for us. The plan for now is to wait one more week with no meds and if the ovaries are still innactive, as they have been, try hoping it will get my cycle going. If does not do the trick we will be facing either the I..V..F.. with egg path or a.dop.tion.

I feel OK, of course there are moments when it hits me and I am sad, but it does not last long as I think about how fortunate we are already.

We have so much.


...And for that we will be forever grateful and happy, no matter what the future holds.

....All this just keeps me realizing, even more every day, what an extraordinary miracle our daughter is!

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Day 11 monitoring

I had my second monitoring appointment today - CD 11 -

….and all I can say is that my ovaries urgently need an alarm clock!!!... They are sound asleep with no tangible intentions to wake up and start working!

…As expected, with no ovarian activity, my lining was very thin.

…I need to recruit T.o.m. C.r.u.i.s.e for this mission impossible, or maybe, D.a.v.i.d. C.o.p.p.e.r.f.i.e.l.d can give us a hand too!

I am going back next week, and I guess the plan will start to develop then, but as I see it, it is very likely that egg will be our viable option.

Make your bets, the game is just starting!

Tuesday, May 12, 2009


The Freemans are going through a very difficult time. I just can´t even imagine how they are feeling. Their beautiful youngest daughter was born premature 11 months ago. She was the sweetest one pound miracle on earth!...
...Yesterday, she got her final call and went to Heaven.

The Spohrs are also having tough days as they are missing Maddie even more as each day goes by.

Please, have these two families in your thoughts and prayers today and in the days to come.

May they find the strenght to overcome this difficult time.

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Day 3 monitoring

I had my first monitoring appointment yesterday and well, my ovaries are not active at all, my right ovary had nothing going on....

Nothing at all!!!....

...And the left had only ONE follice measuring 6mm. Our OB didn´t say anything, good or bad about it, he wants me to come back next week for another ultrasound but I guess it is pretty clear that my ovarian reserve is going to its very end.

Houston, we have a no eggs problem!!!

I am not surprised, I am glad I was prepared for it.

Oh well, it is looking like an interesting roller coaster ahead!

Friday, May 1, 2009

Let's roll....

I took my last B..C..P.. last night, which means I should be getting AF on Monday. I have my first monitoring appointment next Wednesday and I guess the plan will develop depending on how things are looking.

Sometimes I feel that we may still have a chance and sometimes I think we are trying to make a rock ovulate. On our last appointment my OB was very hopeful and positive, but the reality is that there are no guarantees.

I have been very kind to my ovaries lately, I have spoken softly to them trying to convince them to get a little active one more time and jump on this boat with us. Let´s see if they are listening.

….Stay tuned!