Thursday, May 21, 2009

Day 18 monitoring

I went for one more monitoring appointment today.

As I suspected, things are pretty much the same as the previous two weeks, no ovarian activity at all and therefore a very thin lining.

At this point, there is really not much hope left. My doctor decided to give it one last chance for an extra week, so I am supposed to go back next Thursday again. We both agree it is very likely that things will look exactly the same.

So, considering I am once again showing a very clear pattern of ova.rian fai.lure, there are really not too many options for us. The plan for now is to wait one more week with no meds and if the ovaries are still innactive, as they have been, try hoping it will get my cycle going. If does not do the trick we will be facing either the I..V..F.. with egg path or a.dop.tion.

I feel OK, of course there are moments when it hits me and I am sad, but it does not last long as I think about how fortunate we are already.

We have so much.


...And for that we will be forever grateful and happy, no matter what the future holds.

....All this just keeps me realizing, even more every day, what an extraordinary miracle our daughter is!


Fertilized said...

T-Mommy. I am so very sorry. But am so very moved by your sttitude. Sending you a sincere hug from Over seas

Kathy said...

I second Farah's sentiments. (((HUGS))) You do have such a great attitude, but I get that it is hard to accept/make peace with that it may or may not be possible to expand your family biologically. Hang in there. You are in my thoughts and prayers.