Thursday, May 28, 2009

Day 25 monitoring

One more monitoring appointment left behind...

....With the B..C..P.. we were trying to give my ovaries a little break, but they didn't take a little vacation, they are taking a sabatic year!

Things were the same, and we had a good laugh as I was joking, making fun of myself and my lazy ovaries.

So, on to plan B, I am starting today hoping for a miracle.

I believe in miracles, actually I have one at home waiting for me, and sometimes I think I am being greedy wanting more, but then at the same time I know there is no other way to know what is in store for us than trying.

It is a try an error kind of thing!

And while trying I trust....

.... I trust that whatever final outcome we get will be the best for us, and now we are just going one step at a time, trying to find out which door will finally open.


Fertilized said...

I believe in Miracles too!

Anonymous said...

Hi! Here from LFCA. So sorry you're ovaries are not cooperating. We have VEEEEEEERY similar stories! I had my 'miracle' son in 2006 after 3 1/2 years of IF struggles. We decided to try for 'just one more' in March of '08. Here I find myself still not preggo in June of '09 with a POF diagnosis. My fsh has been not 'too terrible' but my antral follicle counts are getting lower. We've been told our only chance for a bio child at this point is IVF and quick!

I also believe in miracles, and am hoping that you get another. I struggle with feeling selfish or greedy about wanting another child as well.

But my son is so awesome, who wouldn't want more of that????? Feel free to come by and visit my bloghouse anytime!!!

Miriam said...

Came here via LFCA, and wanted to send you some POF-er love and support. I was just told that pretty much donor egg or adoption are our only options, but my doc is willing to give us one last ditch effort after 6 months of birth control and one last "college try" before moving onto other options.

I just wanted to send you a hug, and that there's nothing wrong in hoping for a miracle- that's the great thing about faith :)

Hang in there. *hug*