Thursday, October 2, 2008

Is it time for an update???...

….I guess it is!!!

We have been doing fine, our little girl is 5 months old and she is doing fine. Her 5 month-old doctor appointment went well. She is healthy, happy (at least it seems!), weighing 6.40 kg, measuring 62 cms.

I had heard that there is a set back on night feedings at 5 months and I believe she had it the last couple of weeks. She is not sleeping through the night yet. She had been doing just one midnight feeding between 3-4AM for a while but then she started waking up every 3 hours like a newborn!...At the beginning I thought of the set back I have heard and after a few days of the same thing I decided to change her day schedule to add one more feeding session during the day and so far it has been working. Still not sleeping through the night, but is back to her one midnight feeding... Oh well, let's see how it goes this coming week.

Then, the last week, I noticed I was having tons of what seems to be “f.e.r.t.i.l.e.” fluid for a few days and then more this week, so now I am thinking that maybe, just maybe, my ovaries are starting to wake up again -therefore I had a drop in my milk supply- and that is why my poor baby was hungrier during the night!....

I need to admit it, I am beyond excited to see if my body is really gearing up to start cycling again…. I know I sound crazy, but it really makes me happy, because I was preparing myself to the fact that I may never cycle again. I am grateful for what I have, and I keep praying to be able to see all the great things in my life and not let the sadness take over me if my cycles just never come back. Nothing is for sure now, I will need to wait and see what happens, but at least “something” is happening!

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Fertilized said...

i hope you guys figure out the feeding. i am having a drop in supply as we speak. i hope your body is ready to cycle again - that would be exciting.