Tuesday, February 17, 2009

...all I have for now

Yesterday I took the last pill of the first B..C..P.. package so I guess I will have my period by the end of the week. I am fortunate enough to say that I have been feeling great, no side effects at all. Sometimes I am emotional, yes, but I have been emotional for a while now, so it is not caused by the pills.

It is ironic that if we actually want to get pregnant again, I am taking pills to do the exact opposite!.... I know, I know…. We are giving my ovaries a break so they just get some rest, relax, and see if they are up to a little bit, at least a little bit, more work afterwards. I guess I will need to have a long talk with them in the coming months, maybe, - JUST maybe - if I am sweet enough, I can convince them to help us out a little!

I have not written about it, but for the second time, our OB told me I am more than ready to have my own fer.ti.li.ty clinic because I just know so much about it. It all started when we were trying to coordinate dates, because the T travels a lot and, ahemmm, I guess I need him here on the right dates to actually try to get pregnant…. So I was just looking at the calendar and talking to myself, but he and the T were listening, and then he said it…. I just laughed, and told him that when you are diagnosed with something you didn´t even know existed, well you have two options, one is to just sit and cry, the other one is sit, cry, and then try to learn and understand what is going on….. I believe he is much more used to the girls that just sit, cry and call her momma, well I am much more on the learning and proactive side. Not that it is better to be on this side, but at least it makes things easier for all of us.

It is all looking good now, today I am extremely happy to be
who I am,
where I am,
how I am, …

…no matter if it involves a underactive thyroid and a pair of lazy ovaries…because I am fully aware it ALSO involves a TON of great things I wouldn´t trade for anything….

….and this happiness if enough to last through the end of TODAY, and TODAY is all I have for now!


Fertilized said...

Look at you! Yes, today is just it ..It is TOday

Tina623 said...

Hey! Sorry it's been so long since I've checked in! How have you been? I wish you all the best with your future ttc #2 journey.