Thursday, August 30, 2007

Behind closed doors...

I have the best news to report today and I am soooo happy about it!

Remember the rental spaces we were looking for that got rented???.... Well, the T was very unhappy about it, and it kind of bothered me also but I knew there was a good reason why that happen and I did try to transmit my feelings to the T about the whole situation.

It turns out that the T found another good place that is also available for rent!... It is located in a different area of the city, but we were also have been looking for places in this area and haven't found anything interesting. We really liked a specific corner, there is a business already there but it also has this huge parking lot, so we did a little research to find out who the owners were and talk to them to see if they were interested in renting us part of the parking lot to build the store, but they weren't interested at all.... We kept visiting the area hoping to find more options but couldn't find any. Last Tuesday the T had to attend an event and the place was near this area so in his way there he saw that one of the rentals right next to this corner we like was available for rent!

The T already went to check out the inside of the space and it really meets our needs, so he is currently negotiating pricing and contract conditions. And well if this wasn't enough good news, he got a call from another realty agent to see if we are interested in another rental in the area that the other 2 places got rented. We still don't know any details about this one, the T will go to see the space and we will see if it is what we are looking for.

Off course there is still early to be sure that we will be closing the deal on any of these new places but I am just so happy to confirm that when we seem to be behind closed doors, there is always the window, .......we just need to remember and look around to find it!

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Fertilize Me said...

EXCELLENT - good luck on renting the best space for you