Monday, October 22, 2007

....Great news always deserve a post!!!

Sorry I have been MIA again!!!...
We have the grand opening of the new store at the end of this week and in my office I am still involved in the closing of the 2 big projects, so I have been very busy!!!

I had some great news that I wanted to share:
Kathy, one of my online friends, has been struggling with secondary infertility for a long time. She and her husband underwent several fresh IVF cycles without success. This past cycle they tried their first FET and a few minutes ago they got the great news.... IT WORKED!!!

Yes.....They are pregnant and their first beta came back at an awesome level!

....I really don't know why but I had a good feeling for her about this cycle, so today I was on pins and needles waiting for her post and I must confess that reading it brought me to tears!

Kathy: I am extremely happy for you, Bob and Sean.... I am sure this is by far the greatest birthday gift for Bob!.... I really hope it is the begining of a memorable story with a happy ending for a lot more years to come!!! A BIG HUG FOR YOU!!!


Fertilize Me said...

Wooo hoo!!! Great news - hope you are doing well

Kathy said...

Thank you so much for this post!!! (((HUGS))) I am sorry it took me so long to say TY! Your continued support and enthusiasm means so much to me and I am so happy that things continue to go so well for you and your pregnancy! :)