Monday, October 29, 2007

…More great news to share!!!

OK, October has been such a great month that I just don’t want it to come to an end!!!….

First, things first:

CONGRATS Farah!!!!
She is another online friend who also has been struggling with primary IF and got to see those beautiful 2 lines last week and then a great beta.

Kathy, got great second and third beta levels and she is also now waiting for her appointment next Monday.

I will have my fingers crossed for both of you girls, so please keep the good news coming after your appointments!!!

Sommer, another online friend who was pregnant with twin boys after I..V..F.., delivered her boys at 31 weeks on Friday October 19th . She had an emergency c-section and had some complications later but I am so very happy to report that she is doing a great job to recover fast and her preemie boys are progressing incredibly good!… They are just absolutely gorgeous!!!

Last week we had the grand opening of the new store and it was great!!!… It was a lot of work and we are all still tired but everything came out perfect and so far we have heard very good comments from our customers. We are hoping and praying to have great sales this coming holiday season.

Last but not least…. I have a follow up dr. appointment tomorrow and I must confess I am a bit scared!!!!
Since I found out about this pregnancy I have been kind of “reserved” about my feelings. I knew that seeing 2 lines and having great betas not always ends in a live birth 8 months later, so I didn’t want to get my hopes up to much in order to “protect” myself. That’s why I haven’t told about the pregnancy to anyone apart from my mother and my in laws…. And I know they don’t understand why I am being so “closed minded” in this matter, I guess just us who have been struggling with IF issues can relate to this.
I have been trying to take one day at a time and well, I know that being scared and worried won’t change any outcome, it is what it is and that helps a little to ease my mind and be at peace.

I will update tomorrow after my appointment, hopefully keeping the good news coming in!


Fertilize Me said...

wooohoo thank you - i am sending you heaps of good luck. I understand reserve. I am feeling much like that .. more of a disbelief and quite numb.. hoping and prayig for good things for us

Charmaine said...

Great work.

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