Tuesday, February 5, 2008

The Big Milestone - 24 weeks

It’s been a week since we came back and I believe I am finally jet-lag free…. There was a 14-hour difference so it was bad for 4 days and then it started to get better each day. Last night I slept pretty good and I didn’t have any insomnia at all, so I hope it is over and I am beginning to be right on track again.

I went to the lab on Saturday to get all of the blood work done. The results are back and while they are not perfect, they seem OK to me. I have a follow up appointment with my OB this Thursday, so hopefully he will agree.

I have been very emotional for the past few weeks. I am fine, I feel fine, but then I read or hear something that touches my heart and tears just start to flow like a river…. I guess it is due to the cocktail of hormones flowing through my body.

We are 24 weeks already, twenty-four. This is a BIG milestone for us, we feel so grateful.
I can’t describe how madly in love we are with our little girl!

On a different note: This weekend was very sad. I have been following ME's blog for a while now and my eyes just couldn't believe as I read the news. She and her husband are going through very difficult times after a painful long struggle with primary IF. Please have them and their families in your thoughts and prayers.


Fertilize Me said...

WOW grats to 24 weeks!!! such a huge milestone

Kathy said...

A belated WELCOME HOME and CONGRATS ON 24 WEEKS!!! That is such a huge milestone and I am soooooo happy for you that you have made it this far! WAHOO!!! YAY!!! YIPEE!!! Love, Kathy :)