Friday, April 4, 2008

50 days to go

Thank you for your comments to my last post. I know I should enjoy “my moment” and that is what I try to do every day.... but it doesn't keep me from feeling sad when I realize there are a lot of you who are suffering and going through difficult times.

On an update note, I had a follow up appointment today.
Considering the situation I truly believed that I would not se my OB/GYN this time, I was sure that he would have found someone to take over for a few weeks….

Well, I was wrong!

I was surprised to found out that he was indeed there, and he was the one who reviewed me today.
I really admire him...
We went through a few questions I had about cord blood banking and other stuff and then he performed an u/s. Everything seems to be right on track, I am 32 weeks and 6 days today, I have gained about 8 kg (18 lb) and our little girl is measuring about 10 days ahead. Her estimated weigh was about 2.28 kg (5 lb) but the doctor didn’t change my due date. He said that definitely she is a little above the average but that in development she was right on track and that is why he wasn’t adjusting my due date.

The nursery is almost done, we are just waiting to receive a few pieces of furniture and I hope we will get them next week. Once it is ready I will post a few pics.

Today, we are 50 days away from our due date, and without a doubt, the past 230 days have been the happiest days of my entire life!


Fertilized said...

I love reading hte last paragraph! Glad for that!

Kathy said...

Yay! You sound so happy and deservedly so! I am glad that everything is coming together and your baby girl is growing so well! It won't be long now... So exciting!!! :)