Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Thank you!

Thank you…

Thank you…

Thank you so much for taking the time to leave your comments to my previous post!

We really are NOT at the stage of actually deciding on an option yet, but I am doing my research, and up until now those are our 2 choices.

There were some interesting questions some of you had and I will try to address those in this post.

The contact with the nearest clinic is through my doctors here. We really don´t have too much info as we haven’t really had an appointment to discuss it, but I will make sure to have all the facts when the time comes.

The big-guns clinic has a lot of information on their site, but we haven’t had any appointments with them either. All I know is from the webpage and a few fellow bloggers who cycled or are currently cycling there. As we haven’t had any appointments with them I don’t know if they would suggest to try a cycle with my eggs, but due to my current FSH levels, I highly doubt it, and honestly I strongly believe it will be just a waste of time, effort and money!

From what I know each clinic has its own pool of donors, but I am not sure how much information about the donors each clinic will share. I believe the waiting list may be a bit shorter in the nearest clinic but then I know that they don´t do the screening on donors until AFTER the donor has been chosen -and if something is wrong you are back to square one again!-, and the big-guns clinic do the screening on all their donors BEFORE adding them to their pool, so they are always ready to cycle, so that may offset the longer waitlist.

Em.bryo dona.tion could be a possibility also, but considering that in the most viable options my genetic link will be out of the equation, I REALLY would like our future child(ren) to have the genetic link to DH, so we will try that first.

We still have time, I will sure let you all know what we decided after the initial appointments, but they will not be before October. Even though I will just LOVE to have a growing belly again soon, I know this time is helping us greatly.

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areyoukiddingme said...

October seems so far away, until I realize, it's only about 6 weeks. That's not terrible. Good luck during the wait!