Wednesday, August 12, 2009

The BIG question?

Yes, I am still here!!!

Things have been busy around this corner of the world but thankfully we are all fine, just melting ourselves away in this 100+ F we get here at this time of the year, which I read has been the worst in the last 27 years.

As each day goes by I am more used to the idea of giving a try to the egg dona.tion option. We will need to travel to do it because here in my country those programs are at the beginning stage and the testing every donor should have performed regarding infectious diseases, etc… is not well structured, and therefore risky.

We have two options at this point:

OPTION 1: Closer to home - can get there easily by car-, success rates at 60-65% in egg dona.tion cycles, performing about 30 dona.tion cycles per year, costs at around 20 thousand USD per cycle

OPTION 2: Far from home – will need to fly, success rates at 80% in egg cycles, performing about 180+ dona.tion cycles per year, costs at around 35 thousand per cycle

Our insurance does NOT cover any kind of ferti.lity treatment, so everything will be paid from our very own pockets. We are not wealthy people by any means, but can find the way to finance either option.

…And the BIG question is, WHAT WOULD YOU DO????...

I greatly appreciate all your input!!!
Thanks a lot in advance ;)


Fertilized said...

ack! Do you want me to post this in The ALI community forum ( lost and found) because I am just not versed enough to answer this?

T-Mommy said...


I've already posted the question in LFCA, thank you!..

...I know you haven´t been in THIS kind of shoes, but I would love to hear you opinion anyway if you don´t mind!

battynurse said...

Here from LFCA. Those are hard decisions. I'm not sure what country you live in although I've heard of various other countries that do donor egg cycles for what seems like less money. Then that doesn't include the traveling expenses. I have to admit though that if it were me, I would want the one with the higher percentage of positives and where they do more of them. When I'm spending that much money I want to know they know what they are doing.

areyoukiddingme said...

Here from LFCA - those are tough choices. I agree somewhat with Battynurse - going where you'll get the best odds seems more attractive. And experience counts, too. However, due to my inherent frugality, since the cost would be 75% more, I would be very tempted by the closer option. Based on cost alone, you could have a backup plan in case you don't fall into the favorable odds category. Sigh. I wish you luck in your decision

Anonymous said...

I would go with the closer to home and cheaper option. I think the added stress of $15K additional cost plus travel logistics would raise the psychological 'stakes' of the process too much.

Good luck!

Jendeis said...

Here from L&F. My gut says to go with the one with the better odds and the more established program, even if it is that much more expensive. Thinking good thoughts for you...

Calliope said...

I think I would go with whatever option feels like it will be the easiest as far as logistics. Some people are just home bodies and being able to be home and around familiar during a cycle is something that helps. Others (& I am in this camp) like to escape and get away. I traveled out of state for my IVF's and FET and really enjoyed being AWAY.

If you guys could turn option B into a getaway I would do that.

niobe said...

Hmmm....very tough choice. Have you considered looking into embryo donation? There's no genetic link to either partner (obviously), but you get to experience pregnancy and it is so incredibly much cheaper than ED because you're doing a frozen cycle which usually costs under $4000 US (and no, I did not leave off a zero). If you've already rejected this option, just ignore this comment.

Here's one site I've heard of that helps people match.

Anonymous said...

Hi - found you on LFCA. Wow. Is there any hope of doing IVF with your own eggs at the big spendy clinic? Does the cheaper clinic have a good reputation?

I have done 3 rounds of DE IVF (2 m/c, 1 bfn) because my eggies are old and decrepit! They think my outstanding lack of success may be due to weird uterine issues (which we are addressing) but I know the DE quandry.

Do the clinics both have their own pool of donors? How much info will each release (health info only, child photos, bios, during the cycle will they give you specific info on the donor, etc) It is amazing to me how different each clinic is regarding donors. Is there a waiting list - at my small clinic I waited a YEAR for the first donor!!! If that is the case you might be swayed to the spendy place (assuming they have donors on hand)

Good luck - whatever you choose will be right for you; and a baby can come from either place!

Fertilized said...

My limited experience is go with the one that will cause you less stress. I am not a big believer in Odds and Stats. Because in Fert treatments, You can make the Odds/Stats lean towards what you want them to be. BUT with that stated, Will you always doubt the what if's? .. Where does your heart lead you?