Wednesday, November 28, 2007

... An intense post!

OK…. I have been M.I.A. again so prepare yourself and fasten your seat belts because this is going to be a LOOOONG post!!!...... Because the past couple of weeks have been kind of intense!!!

First, we had the last retail trade show of the year and we were very busy setting up the booth and making all the arrangements. Thank God we had a very good show and got a lot of orders in, so that was a nice reward after all the hard work.

Then, the T got really sick. He caught a virus and he caught it seriously. He had very intense headaches, fever and lost all appetite and energy. He is not a small guy that gets sick easily; actually I have never seen him this sick in the 14 years we have been together.
This time the virus hit him hard and put him on bed for the past week. We were able to control the headaches and fever with meds but the worst part was the energy loss. He was so weak that going from bed to the bathroom was like climbing Everest!… If he was in bed without doing any extra efforts he was “fine” but then, minimal efforts like going to the bath and taking a shower required more energy than what he could provide and he will start having these episodes of loosing all color, turning stark white, sweating like crazy. He has never passed out, but he told me that was the feeling he had during these episodes, like he was going to pass out if he didn’t put his body on bed rest right away.
I was worried!!!….

He stayed like this for 3 days and during the 4th day I took him to the hospital and while they were checking on his vitals he had another episode. I am glad he had one there because we were having a hard time trying to describe them. Once we started having it the whole people at the ER moved very quickly and in a second they had him in bed. As you can imagine, the T was very nervous and I was terrified!!!…. But I needed to be strong and calm for him, so I don’t know how but I managed to at least pretend and make him and the doctors believe that I was relaxed and calmed.

After they got him stabilized again, they drew blood to run some tests and set and IV to help with the dehydration. The tests came back and the doctors knew it was a virus but couldn’t actually conclude what kind of virus. I suspected from one specific kind that has been around a lot here in the city but the doctors needed more tests to conclude. The doctors wanted him to stay in the hospital but really it had no sense because they were not going to do anything additional to what we could do at home, so we decided to go back home. The next 2 days were the same and we had a follow up appointment after the results of the second set of tests came back. This time it was clear that it was the virus that I suspected from the beginning, and what we were doing were all that could be done. So he had a full week in bed, with no appetite at all just trying to drink a lot of fluids and waiting for the virus to finally surrender!

This week he is back to work. He is still not 100% recovered as he still feels weak, but he is managing it.

Well, the good part of all this is that we are both glad that he was the one who caught the virus and not me!!!… I have been fine and this kind of virus is not contagious from being in contact with someone that caught it, so that was good.

I am fine, and feeling very lucky because so far I’m still feeling perfectly normal, no m/s, no headaches, no sore breasts, no cramps, no constipation, no heartburn, no nothing…….and no weight gain so far!!!…

I had a follow up appointment on Monday and the doctor was very happy to see that I was feeling so well. We had an u/s and thank God our little miracle is perfect, and we got the order for the big ultrasound to be performed in 4 more weeks.

I had blood work done to check my thyroid and everything was fine, so no increase of meds yet, but I was told that most probably I will need an increase further on.

Last but not least, for those of you in the U.S.A., I want to wish you a happy belated THANKSGIVING!!!…. We don’t celebrate it in my country but I really like the meaning of it and enjoyed the celebrations a lot while we were living in the states.
I really hope you all had a great time with your families and friends!!!

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Fertilize Me said...

holy cow!! Thatsa alot to deal with!! ... I am SO glad that things have turned around for yout husband. I hope they continue on the upward healing trail. Glad everything it going perfect for you! Can't wait til the big scan