Thursday, July 10, 2008

...The decision making process

I still have about two more weeks of maternity leave….
…and I am happy about it!!!….

I have been thinking a lot about what to do once it is over. The first option is to go back to work full time….Before IF and all what happened, I believe I would have do it without question. Then, there is always the possibility of not returning to work at all and become a stay at home mom. I could find something else to do on my own, without schedules to comply with, and I believe we could afford it,… but an extra income is always welcome, you know…. and even more when we have a school loan to pay back, in USD,….. and well, I am fortunate enough to earn my salary in USD actually, without leaving in the US…. That is a huge relief, because if there is any major change in the exchange rate it wouldn’t affect us and/or increase our debt.

….Buuuuut, to keep having that “relief” I must continue working, I assume so!… I have a great relationship with both of my bosses but not to the extent of getting paid without doing nothing!!

….And there is plan C also, which would be working part time. Going to the office during the mornings and stay at home during the afternoons.

I went to talk to my boss about it last week and he is practically OK with whatever we decide to do. It is greally great to know that he is so supportive and that there are other options open besides the full time one…

Ohhhh well, I guess we have to decide soon!!!


Kathy said...

You will be in my thoughts and prayers as you decide what to do when your maternity leave is over. I know what a difficult decision that can be.

I love being a SAHM, but over the years have taken on some very part time work (teaching group fitness classes and selling Tastefully Simple products) and that has worked for me/my family too.

Best wishes with your decision and no matter what you decide, you can always do something else down the road if it isn't working for you/your family.

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