Thursday, July 17, 2008

Dr. Appointment - 3 months

We were supposed to go to our daughter's 3 month Dr. Appointment next week, on the 23rd, but they called last Tuesday to reschedule it to yesterday, so yesterday we went!

This time, she didn't get any immunization shots, which I am sure she was happy about!!!... She did get weighed and measured. One week shy of being 3 months old she weights 5.100 kg (11lb 4oz) and measures 57.5cm (22.637 in).

She had an electrocardiogram performed. It seems normal practice, at this dorctor's office, to have it done at 3 months to rule out any congenital issues. I hope the results come back OK.

I believe I hadn't mentioned before, but she had a blocked tear duct and the doctor prescribed some drops to apply 3 times a day before giving massage to the area. I had been doing the massages since I noticed about the tear duct but didn't see any change, but the drops did help - no more blocked tear duct!

On a different subject, I was a little bit concerned because she had been having about 5 bowel movements per day and 2 weeks ago they decreased to one every 48 hrs or so. The doctor said it was OK - She is just having breastmilk, no formula as I my milk supply has been enough to satisfy her needs up until now, so there haven't been any change on the feeding side that could have made a difference.... If any of my experienced moms out there have any comments about this issue I will really appreciate them.

Overall, we are both doing fine, she is just my "everything" and melts my heart everyday. She is starting to discover that her arms and hands are actually hers, so it is funny to look at her crossed eyes staring at her fists.... I love her!

Have a great weekened!

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Fertilized said...

Good luck with the bowel's - SHe is absolutely gorgeous!