Friday, December 28, 2007

The last Friday of 2007!!!

My appointment yesterday was a very short one. The report of the genetic u/s I had on Friday wasn’t ready so we couldn’t discuss about it. My OB/GYN told us everything must be great because he didn’t hear anything from the genetic specialist and during the u/s he hold me everything looked OK. Usually if there is something wrong he calls your OB/GYN right after the u/s and he didn’t so I assume we are OK. My OB will review the report once its there and he won’t call us unless he doesn’t like something.

I have had a very busy week!!!… Being the last week of the year there are a lot of things that need to be done at my office so we are all stretching every second as much as we can…

In the stores it is the same story… The days were hectic before Christmas with all the orders that needed to be delivered for Christmas and now with the ones for New Years. No complaints about it, we are happy that things are going great. Last year things were kind of slow after Christmas and we thought this year will be the same but nope, so far we have had a great week and we hope for great sales this weekend!

On a different matter, I guess it’s always nice to put a face to a name. I am kind of reserved of posting pictures on this b.l.o.g. I really don’t know why, maybe because this is the place where I can come and write about everything and anything -at the same time- without really thinking before. It is my “escape” place when I need one…. But then Farah inspired me because she posted a pic and I was happy to “meet” her and now to actually picture her talking when I am reading her posts. So I decided to do the same thing. The picture will not be here forever, just for a while so you can picture me when you read.

I hope you all have a wonderful new year’s celebration and a 2008 full of health, work, love and great surprises!

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ultimatejourney said...

You're so pretty! Thanks for sharing the pic, and happy new year to you too!