Saturday, August 30, 2008

...Finally, an update

This blog is becoming sooooo boring, you don't need to tell me, I know!!!…

I am not being able to update as often as I would like because the days just fly, and between one thing and another I just don’t seem to find time to write.

But everything is doing fine so far!

I am very happy with my new work schedule, which is allowing me to be at home during afternoons. And also extremely happy because I hadn’t mentioned it before but we opened a new store 3 weeks ago, and it has been selling pretty good… Then we are remodeling a house because we are going to rent it and even though the major work had been already done, there were still a lot of details to finish… So, as you can imagine, between my job, the new store, the remodeling stuff, my daughter and my house I have been pretty busy,… But extremely happy!!!…

Our daughter had her 4-month doctor appointment and everything is fine. She weights 5.70 kg and measures 59 cm. Every day she is more fun because she is at this stage where she is discovering everything. We are really enjoying her.

On the nursing front, she has had a few days when she skips the midnight feeding but not too many. The doctor said she is now totally fine going through the night without that feeding and encourage me to try to wean her from it because otherwise it will become a habit and it will be very difficult to wean her latter. I had tried the last couple of nights but I’ve had no success whatsoever!!!…. I mean if the little girl is really hungry, there is nothing else I can do to calm her…. I could let her cry for a while and I guess she would fall back sleep but I am not able to do so, it is cruel!!!!…. I think she is now digesting my milk faster and that is the problem, so maybe if I give her the last feeding through a bottle a add a little cereal it will solve the problem, but I am not sure. I am just going to try to nurse her one more time before I go to bed at 11PM (even if she is sleeping) to see if this helps and if not I think am going to try the cereal….

Have a great weekend!!!


Fertilized said...

i hear ya - I Absolutely CAN NOT handle the crying when I know whst is wrong and how to fix it. Regardless what the Dr says.

I amglad things are well, Sounds like you are very very busy! Thanks for the update

Tina623 said...

My dr told me not to feed Katherine when she wants. I'm supposed to make her eat every 2.5 -3 hours but sometimes she starts screaming after and 1.5 hours. I think it's cruel to make them cry. They don't know any better.

It sounds like everything is going great for you! I'm am very glad to hear it.

disa said...