Monday, September 17, 2007

9/11 - Part two

…If you haven’t read the previous post, go and read it first!!!….

…. Last Tuesday, when the T left, I decided that it wasn’t good to just keep waiting. If the P.O.F had come back and I needed to start taking H.R.T. again it was better to start now than to wait and let my hormones go crazy as last time… and I knew that the doctor would not fill my prescription for the pills without having a “not pregnant” confirmation. So, after the T left at 4.30 AM, as you can imagine I was just so nervous, so scared, and afraid.

It was just so much, and I couldn’t stand it anymore and decided to go to the lab to have blood work done so I could go to the doctor’s appointment with the results and then be able to leave with the prescription, instead of having him order the test and then go again to pick up the prescription after the results were back. The plan sounded good but I didn’t know if the lab would want to perform the test without the order from the doctor… I always go to the same lab and I have gone so many times that they already know me, so I decided to just go and see if they could help….

I finally woke up and while I was doing the bed I remembered I still had two pee sticks, a cheapie and an early results. I found the cheapie one and decided to P.O.A.S. before going to the lab. I figured that seeing my always snow-white result will help to start coping with the lab results…. So, I did it and my eyes just couldn’t believe what was in the result window….

Yes, there was a second line,
…. and it appeared in less than a minute,
…. and while it wasn’t blaringly dark, it wasn’t faint either,
…. it could be seen easily without H.P.T goggles….

My heart started to pound so hard, I was all shaky and couldn’t believe it. I went back to look for the wrap to check the expiration date, and it wasn’t expired…. But it was a dollar store test, it could be a faulty test… Thank God those tests ask you to as I still had the cup and run to look for the other pee.stick. This was an early results and I wasn’t testing early, so the results would be a bit more reliable…. As soon as the dye started to get to the window area, the second line showed up…

Yes, another second line,
…. and this time it was blaringly dark,
…. almost as dark as the control line…

Here are both H.P.T - for posterity -

OMG, I was overflowed in tears of joy and happiness, I just couldn’t believe it, and I didn’t have more pee.sticks. So I decided to rush to the lab and beg and pray to the girls to perform a beta test!!!….