Monday, September 24, 2007

...Treasure Found!!!

The T is home again!!…. I thought he was coming back on Saturday, but then I checked his itinerary and found out his plane back home was on Sunday. I am glad I found out on time otherwise I would have gone to the airport on Saturday!!!

Well, after a lot of different ideas I finally decided to do a “T.r.e.a.s.u.r.e H.u.n.t” to let him know the news and it was a lot of fun!!!…

It all started in our bedroom. I bought one of those balloons that are filled with helium, it had a smile face and at the end there was a greeting card. He asked me what was that and I told him that I went shopping and found a nice surprise for him, a belated birthday present. He opened the card and inside was this Treasure Hunt Card that I made, with the first hint…

Hint 1: Envelopes, 11, guest bedroom

Hint 2: http address
(Each envelope had a part of a puzzle made of a sheet of paper where I wrote an http address. The address was from a blog that I created)

Hint 3: CD Organizer, M.e.g R.y.a.n, T.o.m H.a.n.k.s, F.O.X.
(This hint was the first post of the blog I created)

Hint 4: Our closet, first drawer, left side, 3 parts
(This hint was hidden behind the DVD of the movie called You’!! in one of our DVD organizers)

Hint 5: Login, password, email site
(Each of this 3 parts were hidden inside his socks sets, so he needed to unfold almost all pairs to find them all!!!)

Hint 6: 3rd bedroom, shower
(This hint was the first email of the email account I created)

Treasure Found!!!…. In the shower of the 3rd bedroom was a big box filled with a lot of paper and a smaller box where I wrapped my H.P.T with several layers of wrapping paper. The smaller box was from one of those designer pens that I got as a present a while ago. We aren’t really into designer things and I had it in a drawer, so I decided to use it just so he couldn’t imagine what was it… and it worked!!!

We both enjoyed the whole process and he didn’t have a clue!!!… We are both very happy but we know it is still early, we are really hoping for the best but don’t want to get our hopes up. We are just taking each day at a time, waiting for our appointment this coming Wednesday.


Fertilize Me said...

oh what an excellent idea!

Princess Peach said...

How awesome...sounds like so much fun!!

A great way to deliver such wonderful news!

Kathy said...

You are so creative and T is a lucky man/father-to-be! You are going to be such a great mom! Maybe you can do a treasure hunt like that for your kid(s) someday?! Anyway, congrats again! So glad you got to share the big news w/ T! :) You continue to be in my thoughts and prayers as your little miracle grows.

Hilary said...

I must be completely hormonal right now but I must admit that reading your treasure hunt description was so sweet it made me cry! Congratulations on your wonderful news.

disa said...


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