Friday, September 21, 2007

...Is GOD into trading???

I’ve only told 2 people, one of my coworkers at the office, because she knows my story and is a really good friend, and the second one is my mom. I had a hard time telling my mom and it vas very emotional. She cried and cried and told me something that made me feel bad…. She told me that she had been praying a lot and she told God that He could take her life if He healed me. I know she did so with great intentions but if something happens to her I am going to feel guilty!!!….

Now, I must tell you that my mom is a very nervous person, so when I need to talk to her about anything I need to be very careful of what I tell and how I do it because if she sees that I’m in pain or suffering she gets depressed and it lasts months… Sometimes when I feel really sad, after a good cry I feel better and my batteries recharge like magic, but for her it is not like that. So when I told her about my diagnosis it was way after I had somehow “digested” it. When we spoke about it I’ve always been calmed and relaxed otherwise she would have been depressed for a long time……

Now, I just hope God is really NOT into trading, because for me it is not one thing for the other!!!

On a side note, please send all your good thoughts, prayers and chicken dances to two good online friends. Farah who is at the end of the 2WW and Kathy who is just starting a FET cycle... Girls, I am thinking of you!!!

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Fertilize Me said...

oh thank you for hte shout out .and Your poor mother. Godh, thats a load and 1/2. I should get up the nerve to pee on a stick by monday.