Thursday, March 13, 2008

Happy Birthday Santiago!

Last night one of my closest friends gave birth to her 3rd. child, a beautiful boy whose name will be Santiago.

Her actual due date was March 27 and then as the pregnancy progressed the doctor changed the due date to March 21. I talked to her yesterday and she was as happy as can be, doing shopping with her mom. She told me that her doctor had told her on Monday that the baby was still way up and that most likely they will need to induce her labor because the baby was not showing any improvements in dropping.

Well, last night the T sent me a message to my cel, with a baby picture saying it was the baby of my friend ans that he has just gotten that pic from my friend's husband.

Off course I thought it was a joke. It couldn't be true as I had just talked to her a few hours ago, she was doing shopping and she had told me how were things going. Well, it was true and it really happened fast. I haven't been able to talk to her, but I spoke to her mom. As I understood, after shopping she started to feel a little unconfortable as she was having more contractions than usual.... and this time they were the real thing and labor was starting!... I don't know all the details yet, but even though her 2 previous deliveries had been vaginally and this baby was head down, it ended up being a c-section delivery. Both mommy and baby are doing fine!

Happy Birthday Santiago!

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Fertilized said...

Hapy birthday Lil One!