Friday, July 13, 2007

Can dreams come true?

.... WOW, it seems like my guardian angel have been busy this week, because lots of good thing materialized during the last few days!

Well, between many other stuff, last year my boss assigned me a BIG project. The company had just won this project with a new customer located in Eastern Europe, it seemed complicated since the beginning but I like challenges, so I accepted. I can't really describe how difficult it was!!!... It got to a point in which I was afraid every morning... afraid and stressed about getting my email because I just didn't have enough time to deal all of the things that were getting even more complicated than expected. At the end the project was implemented successfully, but it really cost me, like we say here: blood, sweat and tears!

This week we got customer's approval to start working on the contract for a second project!!!... My boss has been out of town for the past few days but I will surprise him with the good news next week!

The stores have also been doing pretty good this week!.... This time of the year is usually low because people is saving and using their money for vacations but so far we have had veeeeery good sales, I 'll cross my fingers for a good weekend also!

In a different matter, the T told me the other day that he got an email from a friend. She sends emails once in a while to be in touch, so she wrote about her life and at the end she wrote that she dreamed about us a few days ago. She dreamed that the T and I had twins (she doesn't know about our IF) , a boy and a girl.... I just couldn't resist to smile at the T when he was telling me, really it would be the best thing ever!!!....

...They say that God doesn't charge us for asking, praying so today I will ask and pray. Hopefully someday I will live to see her dream come true!


ultimatejourney said...

That would be great!

Inconceivable said...

i hope you get to live out that dream