Monday, July 2, 2007

Where are we now???

Well, I have been having normal cycles, and since then have been TTC on our own unsuccessfully. 5 cycles had passed, but of those we didn't time things right in 2 because the T was out of town on my "green days"... The other 3 I believe we did time things perfectly but no success anyway.

I am using FAM to see how are my cycles and while are not perfect, IMO they seem to be getting better.

Even though I am currently having normal cycles, I just can't let go the fear that the POF diagnosis brought to me. Sometimes I think I am being paranoid but that's how I feel. My last blood work was done back in early March and this month the thought of POF coming back has been in my mind a lot. It has been bothering that much that I decided to have blood work done again to check how we are, so last Friday was CD3 and I went to the lab. The results were better than ever: FSH 5.4, LH 5.6, E2 58. I was very happy and it helped to ease my mind a bit.

Well, I know it can take many months for a healthy couple to conceive but considering my case I guess I feel more pressure and want it to happen soon, but then I remember it's not all in my hands!

Once I was in the lab getting my blood drawn I asked about SA's. I learned that they are not as expensive as I thought they will be so I talked to the T about it and we decided he will go and have it done. I made an appointment for tomorrow, so I will keep my fingers crossed so that everything is OK, and hope for the BEST.

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