Wednesday, July 4, 2007

From POF to MFI, am I sooooo lucky???

Well, The T went to the lab yesterday for a SA. We got the results today and even thought I am NOT a doctor, I believe it doesn't look good.

The count was 16.6 million per ml and the reference level stated that normal should be from 60-150 million per ml.
Motility at 30 min was 38%, at 1-2hr was 15%, at 3 hr was 11% and after 4 hrs was 1%.
Morfology was normal: 86%

I have tried to do research but couldn't find that much information. I just learned that they called oligospermia to the low count and astenoospermia to the lack of motility. Anyway, I will try to contact my RE to see what does she suggest. I guess we will need to see an urologist but I am not sure.

I really don't know what all this is taking us but I am sure of one thing, I am soooo very lucky to have a loving marriage and also to have the T as my husband, because we will get through this TOGETHER!!!


Princess Peach said...

I read your past posts and I must say I am so glad that you don't have POF and that your cycle and blood levels seem to be back on track. POF is just awful.

Best of luck on your journey - I hope it is a short one!

Trish said...

We have male factor.
minimum "normal":

volume: 2ml
count: 20 million/ml
motility: 50%

The numbers aren't *great* but they're not horrific.

In case you're interested, more detailed info here: