Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Happy Wednesday!!!

I'm here, I'm here!!!!...
The days have been crazy, the T and I have been very busy at work and with the stores also. I haven't been updating so often because there is really not much to report but yesterday I got some great news that deserve to be mentioned!
The T and I met this couple when we were living in the US, we are very good friends since then and we got great news from them.....They are preggo!!!! They already have two kids, and are now happily expecting the next addition to their family. I close my eyes and it seems like yesterday when I was holding their second child, when he was a newborn, .....and he is a big kid now almost 4 years old!
OK.... I am NOT getting old; HE is the one who is getting BIG ;)
Our friends are still living in the US but he got some work to do in Europe and taking advantage of the school vacations all the family went there to spend the summer. So, after this I am just thinking that the T and I need to start preparing our european summer vacation to see if we can catch at least a little of this preggo vibes!!! .....That sounds like a plan!!!!
Well, in the mean while we will be out of town next week, we are going to attend a trade show in the US. We are looking for new items to be sold in the stores and hopefully this trade show will have good options.
I hope you all have a great Wednesday and hey can I ask you a favor???


Inconceivable said...

Have a great and safe trip - can't wait to hear about it when you return

Princess Peach said...

I like that...I'm not getting old; he's getting big. Now, there is a line I can use!

Have a wonderful trip.