Monday, July 2, 2007

POF... and a very small world!!!

After my diagnosis I was shocked!!!....
It was very difficult to deal with, it really hurts.... but why to focus on what I can't have instead of counting and be grateful for EVERYTHING I do have???
Even though I was still grieving I chose the positive path, and this approach was much better and helped me through my everyday life after the diagnosis.

Besides my work, I was involved in a new, very exciting project with the T at that time, so there were many nights with few hours of sleep and also a lot of weekends without free time to rest.... we were very busy.

As big as this world may seems to be it isn't!!!... One of the T co-workers had been struggling to get pregnant, but we didn't know what was the problem. After my diagnosis we learned that she also was diagnosed with POF!... To be able to talk to someone that was not just wearing but actually walking in my SHOES helped me tons.... Dear A, if you read this someday I want you to know that I really appreciate your time and all the support from you!

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