Monday, July 2, 2007

A little about me

Well, where do I start?...

The T-boy (the T from now on) and I have been married for 5 years but we dated for almost 9, so that makes 14 wonderful years together!

When we got married, we lived the first 2 years in the US while the T attended grad school, after that we came back to our country and we both kept working and decided to wait to start our family. At the end of last year we were ready and excited to start trying, so I went off BCP and my period didn't come.

I had suffered from secondary amenorrhea in 2001 due to overtraining so I thought it happened again!... Nothing serious back then, I took some pills for 3 months to help my hormones get back on track and after those 3 months everything went back to normal. This time I was working out a lot also, I was training for a marathon and was running about 30 miles per week.

I had an u/s and my OB/GYN ordered some blood work and when I got the results I was shocked!!... I didn't know exactly what was happening but they just didn't look good at all. My FSH was 84, LH was 46 and estradiol was non existent at less than 20.

I went to my follow-up appointment and my OB/GYN after looking at my blood work results asked me a lot of questions, he was trying to look for symptoms but I had none of them. He told me that sometimes it happens, and Dx me with POF (Premature ovarian failure) and told me that basically I was experiencing menopause 15 to 20 years earlier than normal. My ovaries had stopped working, and that explained my abnormally high levels of FSH and LH.

Obviously, getting pregnant naturally was not impossible but VERY close to, and also I needed to start HRT right away to overcome the effects of menopause in terms of bone density and heart diseases.

I didn't know that POF even existed, so I started my research and learned a lot about it.... What a warm welcome to the infertility world!

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